Multifunctional Crimped Wire Mesh Machine

Brand : LAIEN

Product origin : CHINA OR ORIGIN

Delivery time : ONE MONTH

Supply capacity : ABOUT 10SETS/MONTH

Description: Automatic crimped wire mesh weaving machine,which weft wire is fed by shuttless line propolsion,drive-wal gining,wearing a molding,automatic weaving. It can weave wire diamete range 0.4-1.0mm,and the aperture is 1 mesh/inch-20mesh/inch can be weaved.Multifunction crimped wire mesh weaving machine,which weft wire is fed by shuttless line propolsion which can be crimped and woven at one time during production,line wire pre-crimped.It can weave wire diameter range 0.5-2.0mm,and the aperture 1-20mm.Semi automatic crimped wire mesh weaving machine is mainly used as weaving square mine sieve mesh with thick wire.Both weft wire and line wire need to be crimped by the crimping machine in advance before weaving.It can weave wire diameter2-14mm, and aperture is 4-100mm,the weaving width can be woven up to 4m.


1. full automatic crimped wire mesh machine made can finish a series of procedures from roiling wire to knitting the mesh automatically. The mesh width is 0.9-2.5m, the wire table is 0.4-1.0mm, and the knitting speed reaches 53 per minute. It has the characteristics of time and energy saving, high speed, and one-step molding.

2. Multifunction crimped wire mesh machine: compact structure, low noise, and high efficiency.

The product structure compact,easy to operate,can be woven mesh sizes 2-100mm,wire diameter 2-14mm weaving width of 1-4 meters.

Usage: The finished products are widely used in mining for classification purposes sieve,commonly known as the mine screen net,also as fence ect.

Technique details as flows:

wire diameter


Mesh size




Motor power


Production speed


Rated voltage

380V 50HZ



Outside size



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