Pvc Coated Metal Wire Machine

Brand : LAIEN

Product origin : CHINA OR ORIGIN

Delivery time : ONE MONTH

Supply capacity : ABOUT 10SETS/MONTH

Description: PVC coated metal wire machine is horizontal type arranged in line. This machine production line consists of wire pay-off, wire guiding frame, extruder, machine head, cooling flumes, recoiling machine and electric control cabinet.

Wire PVC coating line is used to produce PVC insulated wire, the customer can produce insulated wire of different size by changing the machine head and related accessories.

Suitable material: It is mainly used for black wire, galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire etc.

Advantage: The structure of the production line is simple, easy to operate, safe and reliable. The extruder and tractor apply YCT series governor motor with big range of speed adjustment; we use the intelligent temperature control instrument to control the temperature of the capstan and head automatically with high sensitivity.

Usage: Finished product of PVC coated metal wire machine is Widely used in animal breeding, agriculture and forestry protection, aquaculture, park zoo fence, stadium, with its anti-corrosion, anti-aging, longer than the average wire life.

Technical details as follows:





Diameter of wire


The water used volume

0.3-1m3/h(circulation flow)

Uncoiling machine motor


Collecting machine motor


Overall dimension of uncoiling machine

(L*W*H): 2.3*0.8*1.7m

Overall dimension of cooling machine

(L*W*H): 3*0.4*0.9m

Overall dimension of whole machine

(L*W*H): 13*3*0.58m

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